If you love dogs and yoga, and want to have a deeper understanding of Doga, and maybe teach it, coaching with Suzi is the way to go.​

Suzi Teitelman will share with you her pawesome journey and experiences in teaching Doga since 2001.  

If you are already a certified yoga teacher, becoming a Doga teacher is easy  when you work study with Suzi.

Though you don't have to be a yoga teacher to start becoming a Doga teacher!  You just need to have experience and practice in yoga and LOVE Dogs!  Suzi will help you with all you need to know to become a successful Doga teacher.

Train to be Doga Teacher

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Share the world of Doga....by becoming more like your dog.

 Included in this powerful coaching package,

is the #1 best selling Doga Instructional DVD, The original written Doga Training Manual, and Suzi's latest Manual, "An Autobiography of a Dogi."

Use your current dog and yoga experience, plus what you learn in the DVD and Manual, to develop questions for your 2 phone calls and one Skype (30 minute) consultation. 

After your sessions, you will feel informed and rich in the knowledge of how to do Doga with your dog, and start to feel confident to share this education with those around you.

Suzi will answer all your Doga questions about what Doga is, how to do it, how to teach, and even help with marketing and business.