Instructional Doga Class

downloadable online version or 

hard copy dvd $39.99 Plus $5 Shipping

Doga Training and DVD

Package #4

Personal One on One Doga Certification with Suzi Teitelman RYT $999.99 Free Shipping
All the above plus...In this program, you will work and train with Suzi until you feel ready to teach.  

This is an online class. The program is designed around how much you need to know about yoga, as well as training you in the study of Doga. 

Suzi works with you at your pace, and tailors the teaching to you.  She will also be there for you even after you have started teaching, as well as helping with business planning and starting your own Doga business. Suzi will help you by phone, email, pictures, skype, etc....to help you learn all you need to know about teaching a Doga class. Those who are looking for a certification and  mentorship, should go with this option. This is considered a "Doga Teacher Training Certification from Doga Dog: Yoga Doggie Style."  You will receive the DVD, Manual, Autobiography of a Dogi...and Suzi!

Package #2

Downloadable Instructional DVD or hard copy, and Doga Training Manual $99.99 Plus $5 Shipping
The written training manual and dvd, are great tools to learn all the basics of a doga practice. The manual, with detailed pictures and examples, will give you a great start to everything you need to know about the what's and how's of Doga.  The DVD has 3 classes...a group class, a private class with her dogs, and an instructional section with stuffed pups. 

Package #3

One on One Coaching $199 plus $5 shipping
This Package includes the Online DVD, the Written Training Manual and (3) 30 minute sessions with Suzi (2 by phone and 1 by skype). PLUS!!!  Suzi's latest Manual "An Autobiography of a Dogi."