Suzi Teitelman - Professional Yoga and Doga Instructor

Pose #2

In this seated posture your legs are out and your dog is in front of you. You can also circle your legs around the dog. Begin to massage your dog, and then add a light stretch to the legs. This becomes organic. How deep of a stretch you get is up to you. Because it is about you! To get a deeper stretch, you can lean forward over your pet. You can open a little wider. Same with the dogs.  

Doga is about sharing your yoga practice with your pet. I have always called it a partner yoga class. There is not a pose that cannot be incorporated. Let me also say, that I know that everyone has a different size pet! Doga can be done with any size dog. It is about you and your dog! So modify Doga poses for you. Please do not hurt yourself. This is a gentle practice. There is a lot of massaging, light stretches, relaxing and bonding.
Here are a few examples of poses you can do: 

Pose #1

Begin by just sitting and starting to breathe, and let your pet find a comfortable seat on you, or near you. Start to connect to each other, to your dual breathing, to your love for each other. You can rest your hands on your dog, but sit up straight and just be. Sit for 2 minutes. It can be hard to be that still, and perfectly present with each other.